Monday, October 22, 2012

Obamas Down--Fall May Be !

This May Be Obamas Down--Fall! He Had Real Bad Help! Pelosie In The House--Reid In The Senate! Thank God He Had Hillary In Foreign Policy! What Did He Really Do??

Sunday, October 21, 2012


If Conn-Gress Can Convince You Since The Mid--90,s That A Trade Defici Of 2o To 50 Billion Dollars A Month Or Around 1/2 Trillion A Year Is Great For Your Country So They Can Control The Global Economy Is Good! Then What Would We Not Believe? The Increase In Exports Is The Raw Products Is The Result Of The Fortune 500 Co,s Who Paid Conn-Gress For The Scams So They Could Use Cheep Foriegn Labor And Reverse Free--Trade Tax Breaks To Make ( RECORD ) Profits While America Falls Apart! Conn--Gress Even Has The Balls To Tell Us--The Recovery Is Slow Because It's A Job--Less Recovery! Amercia Wake Up, There Is No Such Thing As A Job--Less Recovery! D--U-U!!-

Honesty Revival in Politics

Me Or You

When Realty Comes Home To Americans, Which Will Happen Only When It Drastically Effects Me And My Way Of Life The Emergency Siren Will Go Off! We Are A Nation Of People Who Believe It’s Perfectly All right For Everyone Else To Do Anything They Want To, As Long As It Personally Don’t Effect Me! When The Implosion Comes Will There Be More ( Me’s ) That Say This Don’t Effect Me Or More ( Me’s ) That Say Please Help This Effects Me? Which Me Will Prevail?