Thursday, December 11, 2008

Congress No Thanks


Federal, State, City, Employees and all people whom are paid by tax payer dollars,Yes including you guys, are the largest percent of people drawing a paycheck in America.

Your wages, health care, pensions, accumulation of vacation time and paid days off,Puts your total pay at much, much, more than the so called $ 75 00 an hour theU.A.W autoworkers are reported to be making.

Why do the American people and especially the Republican Congress hate the U.A.W. workers so bad? Why aren’t they asked to give concessions in this difficult time?

I suggest that Congress and the American people have humiliated The Detroit Big Three and the U.A.W. enough.

I recommend that the Big Three and the U.A.W withdraw their request for bridge loans at this time, close all their plants; lay off all their employees until the end of the first quarter in 2009.

This will save them money and give the American people a chance to see if they still hate them so much. They should not have to beg!!!!!!!!