Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Real Fair--Tax (Conn-Gress) Won't Allow (They Would Loose Control Of You!

"FAIR-TAX-FOR-ALL'" This is so simple it's stupid! First you would need to eliminate the I.R.S. Replace it with a USA (USER) FEE of 5% on every (dollar spent ) in America every day with (NO) exceptions!

This would include anyone spending money in America, Visitors, Illegals, non citizens, religious groups, government spending, wall-street, companies, gaming--EVERYONE who spends a dollar in USA! This FEE would allow everyone ( in accordance with our laws) The use of all the great resources America offers, security, freedom, liberty, opportunity, free-healthcare, free-education, Ect. ! This fee would be collected daily at all businesses and electronically sent to the treasure for instant revenue!

This fee would generate so much revenue it would be necessary to put a (CAP) on the amount the treasure could keep on hand, and every 5 years return to every citizen 18 or older a refund equal to excess revenue/citizens 18 and over!

How will this effect America? The economy would explode with new expendable cash available. We could have fair-elections because 60% of lobbyist gaming the system would no longer be of any value! This would double the circulation of money raising standard of living for poor and rich alike!

I believe even the poorest of the poor and religious groups would support this because of the great benefits it would provided to the poor and their fellow man.

Ask yourself, ( How much money is spent in USA each day----How much is 5% of that).


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