Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mental Status - Guns - Deficit

Mental Status

Who Has Mental Issues? Is It The Priest Who Loves Little Boys? The Lesbians Who Hate Men? The Men That Hate Women? The Same Sex Marrige Croud? The No God Croud? The Holy Roller Religious Croud? The People That Hate Blacks? The People That Hate Whites? The Rich That Hate The Poor? The Poor That Hate The Rich? The People That Just Hate People?--Who Gets To Decide This--??

The 2nd. Amendment Gives You The Right To Bear "ARMS" To Protect You And Your Family From The Government And Their Millitary And Others!

Conn-Gress, If You Find Something That Works On Gun-Control, Please Use It For Drug-Control! 60 yrs. Effort-Nothing There Yet! U-Go

I Bet There Are Not A Lot Of Parents Today Saying, I'm Not Worried About My Kids--My Government Will Protect Them For Me !

USA Giant Over-Inflated Balloon ! Some one Accidentally Or Intentionally Will Get A Giant Needle Too Close ! Look Out Below #!#!#!


"Conn-Gress" Will Make Deal By Dec. 31! Big Issue Is When They Spend All Tax $ For Next 100 Yrs. In Next 10 Yrs. To Make You Think This Is Good!

Conn--Gress, Cut The Drama, Just Print More Money! Thats What You Are Going To Do Anyway! Spare Us Your Slight Of Hand Moves! U-Go

Boehner Let’s House Work It's Will! Pelosie And Reid Tell The Democrats What They "HAVE" To Vote For. You Know Partisan Votes!                                       God Help Us All!


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