Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jobs - Jobs - Jobs ??

"One Thing That Real Grips Me" When Our Conn-Gress Comes On The Floor And Claim They Are Tryimg To Get 10,000 Wind-Mill, 50,000 Pipe-Line, Thousands Of Green-Energy Jobs, After Voting For Free-Trade Big Bussines Scams, That Sent Millions Of Jobs To Canada, Millions Of Jobs To Mexico, And Multi-Millions Jobs To China ! They Are The Ones Who Did It ! How Stupid--Stupid Do They Think We Are ? All Our Major Co,s Who Have Used This Scam--Have Made Record--Record Profits For The Last 4 Yrs. While Our Country Dies ? Conn-Gress Be-Ware Your People Are Watching And Not Nearly As Stupid As You Think And Know What You Are Doing For Your "LOBBY--LORDS"


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